Zen Ties
adapted for the stage from the picture book by Jon J. Muth

© 2015

zen ties

When chatterbox Koo, the Panda, visits her Uncle Stillwater, a much bigger panda, he offers her a special challenge: to rethink her mindless blather as seventeen-syllable sentences. Never one to turn away from a dare, Koo forces herself to listen before she speaks and reconstruct each thought into the proscribed seventeen syllables. The newly-attentive Koo avoids becoming part of the kid chaos that torments old Mrs. Whittaker, and, instead, helps create an environment in which children and old lady see deeper into each others' hearts. A gently funny tale about patience and compassion that reminds us how much good can come of simple mindfulness.

Zen Ties a vivid, moving tale of communication, connection

A charming children’s play about listening, and about moving past first impressions to connect with those around us, had its world premiere Friday at the Rose. Zen Ties, adapted by playwright Y York from the popular children’s book by Jon Muth, reaches out to both children and adults with its gentle message tinged with Far Eastern philosophy, one that pays benefits for a lifetime. York injects her sly script with humor that will resonate with children in some spots, adults in others and most everybody in yet others. It’s a visually arresting show with a sweet, kind message, recommended for children ages 5 and up. Bob Fischback, Omaha World-Herald

zen ties 2

Commissioned and premiered by
the Rose Theater
Omaha, Nebraska
February 20, 2015

zen ties 3

1 adult female; 1 child female; 2 child male; 1 male giant panda; 1 female child panda
1 hour
flexible set, multiple locations


available from author's agent