Bleachers in the Sun
(originally The Ugly Ugly)
© 2006

This One Goes to Eleven
Y York's new play on adolescence and angst is a must see

Bleachers in the Sun holds a mirror up to grownups to darkly illuminate the world of adolescent girls, which is just like ours, only amplified. Love, betrayal, sexuality, addiction -- all the virtues and vices of humanity are present here -- distorted through the eyes of youth to become something at once monstrous and beautiful...Put simply, Bleachers in the Sun is a fantastic play. -- Rachel Brown Honolulu Weekly

Bleachers photo 1
all photos by Brad Goda from the Smashbox Production, Honolulu

May or may not really be for kids. Friendship, budding sexuality, popularity, and self-image make for some nasty games. Four 11-year old girls look for love in all the wrong places as they struggle to understand who they are as individuals in a world that sees them in stereotype.

Premiere in Spring 2008 by Smashbox Productions (Honolulu), following a workshop at Kumu Kahua Theatre and readings for unsuspecting audiences at various conferences.

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4 female
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