Accidental Friends
© 1994

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park photo credits: Tony Arrasmith & Associates

Twelve-year-old Jonathan, temporarily blinded by a head injury, sits alone in his hospital room wondering why his best friends haven't come to see him. Enter Hilda, a classic over-achiever geek, who has come to see why Jonathan hasn't answered the witty letter she was made to write in class. With Hilda's relentless encouragement, Jonathan realizes that he can get around his room quite well without his sense of sight. He also discovers that although Hilda may be unusual, she is also interesting and funny as she regales him with stories about herself and her twin sister, Holly. Still, when Jonathan gets back to school, he renounces her to his friends, and Hilda runs away, saying she will go live with her father and her sister. Jonathan realizes his mistake, but it's too late. Hilda returns pretending to be Holly, who everybody likes. But when Jonathan uncovers Hilda's deception it becomes his turn to help her, as she faces the other kids and becomes their friend.

Commissioned and premiered by
Idaho Theatre for Youth

2 male, 2 female
1 hour
flexible set, multiple locations

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Accidental friends

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