River Rat and Cat
© 2006

RR&C at ChildsPlay
Childsplay (Arizona)

The compulsive collector, River Rat, wants her friend, the pampered Cat, to become self-reliant. Cat wants to remain fully pampered. Dale Beaver wants the one remaining tree, which River Rat currently rents to Cat. To get the tree, Dale Beaver must break up the already unlikely friendship of River Rat and Cat. A Keystone Kops kind of komedy for kids and their kin.

River Rat Lexington 1 lexington 2
Lexington Children's Theatre

Developed by New Plays for Young Audiences
at the Provincetown Playhouse
and premiered by
Childsplay (Arizona)

rive rat oklahoma
Oklahoma Children's Theatre photo credit: Nathan Benfal

3 actors of any gender
60 minutes
unit set

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Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park photo credit: Tony Arrasmith & Associates

River rat
available from Dramatic Publishing


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