Frog & Toad (Forever)
adapted from Arnold Lobel's FROG AND TOAD stories

frog & toad
photos by Chris Bennion from the Seattle Children's Theatre

The winsome watery world of famous friends Frog and Toad is disrupted by the dastardly Squirrel, who mistakenly believes that the only way to have a friend is to steal one away. Based on misinformation provided by Squirrel, fussy Frog and sloppy Toad each try to transform themselves into a mirror image of the other. But, as Frog and Toad discover, true friends never ask us to be anything but ourselves.

frog & toad 2

This play was commissioned and produced by Seattle Children's Theatre, where its legendary production was described by one astute critic as "Godot on acid for children."

frog & toad 3

Unfortunately, the Lobel Estate has retired the rights to this play in favor of another, more famous musical adaptation of the stories.

frog & toad 4

4 actors (any gender)
flexible unit set
full length

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Performance rights to this play are currently not available
from the publisher of the original stories.


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