The Forgiving Harvest
© 2004

FH Rose Theatre
The Rose Theater (Omaha) photo by Paparazzi by Appointment

Two years ago, Mika couldn’t stand to wait at her mother’s deathbed, so she went to the barn to help Mona-the-cow deliver Sticky. Now, Sticky is ready for market. But Mika musters all of her 9-year-old resources to prevent Sticky from being shipped with the rest of the herd. Her relationship with Sticky is revealed in their “conversations” in which Mika, of course, speaks both parts. These conversations have a deep and aching importance to Mika because Sticky’s “words” are Mom’s, and if Sticky dies, Mom will die again.

columbus harvest
photo from the Columbus Children's Theatre

“A play that will touch people of all ages … an engaging story about a family growing closer while coping with loss and uncertainty.” (Suburban Wayne Times, Pa.)

“An essay about growing up and how the past can color the present. Part valentine for the rural way of life and part coming-of-age story, it makes its many points with good cheer and a strong work ethic.”

columbus harvest
photo from the Columbus Children's Theatre

"An engrossing and heartwarming story, with characters we grow to care deeply about in a short time...a thoughtful and tender play."

Dennis Thompson, Columbus Suburban News

FH Columbus PLT
photo People's Light and Theatre

Commissioned by the Children's Theatre Company (Minneapolis), it premiered at People's Light & Theatre with the help of an AT&T:Onstage Award. It was awarded the AATE Distinguished Play Award in 2006. It was produced at Columbus Children's Theatre in 2006, and has gone on to other productions.

3 adult male, 1 juvenile female, 2 juvenile male, 1 cow
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columbus harvest
photo from the Columbus Children's Theatre


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