Mask of the Unicorn Warrior
© 2001

Unicorn 2 at SCT
All photos by Chris Bennion, Seattle Children's Theatre

Through York’s magical imagery, this mystic tale illustrates that bravery means acting with human compassion rather than brute strength. -- Children’s Book and Play Review

A mythic tale inspired by the Unicorn Tapestries that hang in the Cluny Museum in Paris. While the tapestries woven five hundred years ago, retain their mysteries, this play tells the story of Tycho, a merciful prince who will soon be crowned king. Taunted by his older, battle-worn brother Golan, Tycho fears he lacks the courage and might needed to properly rule the kingdom. He sets out on a journey to cure his weaknesses by killing a Unicorn, as his father did before him. But when faced with the magnificent beast, Tycho's mercy prevails and he cannot harm it. Almost immediately along the path he discovers Mercurial, a mysterious young woman who claims to be the only survivor of a fatal shipwreck. The moment they meet, their fates are knitted together in this tale of love and deception.

Commissioned and premiered by Seattle Children's Theatre.

Unicorn 3 at SCT

3 male, 2 female, 1 unicorn
multiple locations

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