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Last night at the stadium, there was a party to celebrate the start of training camp for the current Super Bowl champions. It was a wild and raucous event. At some point, LJ Freeman, the beloved quarterback, left the party and went to the field, where he was caught by the security camera committing a senseless crime. The security tapes get to the TV news and internet, and by morning, all of America has seen, and LJ is summarily banned from football. As LJ and his spin doctor plan his comeback, the ramifications of his act seep deep into the fabric of his family and life plan.

"...Y York's world premiere of WOOF at Main Street Theater is one of those rare pieces of theatre that scream brilliance, perfection, and soulfulness from beginning to end. WOOF in its purest essence is about relationships, particularly family relationships, under extreme pressure. It is about life. It is about love. It is about making mistakes. It is about forgiveness and redemption. It is funny. It is theatre at its finest and most blindingly brilliant..." Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle online full review

Woof was workshopped at the 2010 New Harmony Project,
and read in August 2010 at the Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Premiere September 2011 Main Street Theatre

MST’s WOOF is barking up the right tree. Y York’s drama succeeds in tackling tough issues.
Complex and true-to-life plot

Playwright Y York is getting at something very interesting in WOOF, her bold drama receiving a forcefully acted world premiere at Main Street Theatre. In fact she’s digging up a whole tangle of thorny reflections about race, celebrity, parent-child relationships, infidelity, the need to stop poisoning our planet and heaven knows what else. At times you think York has taken on too much, then somehow she makes a persuasive connection and the idea that seemed out of left field proves pertinent to her peculiarly gripping narrative. Yet even more than what York is saying it’s how she says it that makes WOOF challenging and rewarding. She’ll make one point obliquely so that it sneaks up on you, then land the next one smack on the nose...the upshot is WOOF keeps surprising you…keeps ringing true... Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle full review

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