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Mae & Jake in bedJoanie & Nick
Smashbox Productions photos by Brad Goda

Jake is sick of being a mechanic; he wants in where the real action is. His wife May wants to learn to paint so she can have something to look at before the memory of her mother fades away. Joanie wants to be a famous artist, a good artist, not just a wife, any sort of artist. Nick wants his wife to be happy and his numbers business to take care of itself. Art, crime, sex, and two husbands who really love their wives collide in this comic tragedy about the triumph of ambition over soul.

Jake learns the business from NickMae & Joanie

workshopped at New Dramatists
premiered by Smashbox Productions, Honolulu, April 2007.

Mae & Jake work it outNick & Joanie at the end

2 male, 2 female
multiple locations

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Nick & Joanie


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