The Impossibility of Now
A comedy of forgetting and remembering
© 2015

Y York’s The Impossibility of Now is an unexpected delight, a delicious and magical moment. -- Miryam Gordon

photo credits from Thalia's Umbrella: Annabel Clark

Before the accident, Carl was a successful science writer. But with his ever-expanding knowledge of the world came an expanding darkness and futility. Unbeknownst to everyone, including Miranda, Carl started planning his exit. The secret exit strategy chilled the marriage and Miranda began an exit strategy of her own, one that included Anthony, a sexy pediatric dentist. Anthony is attracted to Miranda primarily because she is so different from his ex who wouldn’t know a lyric poem from a limerick. All participants’ plans are kiboshed by Carl’s amnesia as his reawakening brings with it a wholesale batch of new complications, not the least of which is his terrifying new demeanor: optimistic happy person.

Incisively comic and whimsical. -- Misha Berson

Thalia's Umbrella
Seattle, WA
9 March 2018

What if your spouse suddenly had a whole new personality ... and you liked it better? Such is the conceit of the world premiere from Thalia's Umbrella with Y York's "The Impossibility of Now" currently playing ... with York's rich dialog and characters and the fantastic cast this sweet little romantic comedy is a deligh ...York wonderfully leads us through this story making us care about the characters even when they do horrible things. ... Instead we latch onto all of them through fantastic dialog and a story that ... pays off in the end as it beautifully circles around upon itself. -- Jay Irwin, Broadway World

2 male, 1 female

The Impossibility of Now is a play about love, and language, and falling in love with language.
-- Paul Constant, Seattle Review of Books

published by Broadway Play Publishing