Gerald's Good Idea
(originally Bleachers in the Sun)
© 1993

Gladys gets the chance to return to Earth and make something of her life. Sylvia comes along for the food. Gerald is having a party, while trying to hide from some secrets, and where did all these Black people come from? While Simone, is down in the laundry room having it off with Bobby over one of the washers, no, one of the dryers. Bobby wants to write more than the instructions on the shampoo bottle while his wife Elaine seeks sanctity for animals, while Wayne learns to socialize even as he plans the education funds for the kids Gerald doesn't know he has. Frances tries to remain aloof as Stanley grapples with the looming garbage crisis and Louise uses art to solve it all. Everyone learns to make small animal noises, wash in a bowl, and walk in a fashion to reduce their methane emissions.

Workshopped at Vancouver Playwrights Theatre Centre, The Sundance Playwrights Lab, Mark Taper Forum, Empty Space Theatre, A Contemporary Theatre, New York Theatre Workshop, & New Dramatists.

5 male, 5 female
flexible settings

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