Through the Eyes of Holly Germaine
© 2016

On a volcanic island off the Northwest coast of Africa oil spill remediators Simon and Edwina are on vacation whenthey are interrupted by an upside-down oil tanker.American Holly Germaine is hiding from Hollywood reporters in what is proving to be a too-successful hiding place. Tyler has come to help remediate the oil and reignite the flame he once lit in Edwina, but he keeps running into Holly instead. Simon sees all but is reluctant to rock the tanker that is his marriage. And the seagull just wanted another breath of air while the puppy wants the other half of the croissant. When it's hopeless, you might as well try harder.

Developed and workshopped as a part of the Seattle Repertory Theatre's Writers' Group.
Not yet produced.

2 male, 2 female

available from the author's agent